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Stephen Fried Receives Research Corporation for Science Advancement

Congratulations to CBI faculty member Stephen Fried for receiving a grant from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement to study the virus that causes COVID-19.  Stephen and his co-investigators will look for ways to block an important mechanism that is related to viral replication and could lead to a new family of antiviral drugs effective against  SARS-CoV-2, SARS, MERS, Zika, […]

Morgan Dasovich Receives Roger McMacken Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Morgan Dasovich for receiving the Inaugural Roger McMacken Scholarship Award.  This award is made in recognition of scholastic and research achievements by exceptional students working for mentors in the BMB department.

Ryan Weeks Joins DiPole’s N95 Mask Effort

Ryan Weeks of the Ostermeier Lab was one of thirteen Hopkins students who joined DiPole Materials in an effort to rapidly manufacture masks made from similar material as N95 masks.

In memoriam: Dr. Francine Morris, 1978-2020

With deep regret we would like to inform the community of Dr. Francine Morris’ passing last week. She arrived at JHU in 2008 to pursue a Ph.D. in the Chemistry Biology Interface Graduate Program and joined the Freel Meyers laboratory for research.  Her dissertation entitled “Studies Toward Selective Inhibition of DXP Synthase in Non-mammalian Isoprenoid Biosynthesis” was completed in July 2013.  She […]

Isabel Uribe Awarded JCS Traveling Fellowship

Congratulations to Isabel Uribe again!  She was recently awarded a Journal of Cell Science Traveling fellowship to support a visit to a long-term collaborator of the Leung laboratory.

Morgan Dasovich Awarded Elsa Orent Keiles Fellowship

Congratulations to CBI student Morgan Dasovich (Leung Lab), who was recently awarded the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department’s Elsa Orent Keiles fellowship. The Elsa Orent Keiles fellowship was established in 1996 with a bequest from the estate of Elsa Orent Keiles, a 1925 ScD graduate of the Department of Chemical Hygiene (now Biochemistry & Molecular Biology). The department […]

Fall 2019 CBI Thesis Defenses

Congratulations to Sabrina Schatzman (Culotta Lab), Shane Byrne (Rokita Lab), and Cedric Moore (Zhu Lab) on successfully defending their dissertations! See below for thesis titles: Sabrina Schatzman –“Fungal Cu-only SODs, ROS, and Iron Starvation”  Shane Byrne – “How DNA Packing and Processing Proteins Affect Dynamic DNA Crosslinking”  Cedric Moore – “Global Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease […]