Major equipment is typically located in centers that are supported by one or more schools at JHU.  These centers are fully staffed and are available for the entire JHU community to use.

Homewood Campus

  • Biomolecular NMR Center houses one 500 MHz, three 600 MHz and one 800 MHz NMR spectrometers with cryoprobes. Additional instruments are located in the Chemistry Department on the Homewood Campus and others reside on the East Campus.
  • Center for Molecular Biophysics houses a Beckman XL-I analytical ultracentrifuge, two Microcal differential scanning calorimeters, an isothermal titration calorimeter, circular dichroism spectrometer, and spectrofluorometer.
  • Integrated Imaging Center for basic and advanced light and electron microscopy (LM/EM), including 3-D and 4-D imaging, FRET, FRAP, and FCS, among others.
  • Mass Spectrometry Facility houses instruments for high resolution MS, LC/MS and MALDI-TOF.  An Acquity / XevoG2 system combining UPLC with a high mass resolution Q-ToF MS/MS instrument and auto-sampler is also available.
  • X-ray Crystallography Center (primarily for small molecules) houses a Xcalibur 3 diffractometer equipped with a 4-circle Kappa goniometer and a Sapphire 3 CCD detector and a SuperNova diffractometer equipped with two hi-flux micro-focus sources (Mo and Cu) and a large area CCD Atlas detector. This facility also has a Phoenix liquid dispenser robot for preparing crystallization trays, a SMZ-1000 zoom stereo-microscope (Nikon) and incubators for crystallization.

East Campus

  • ChemCore houses a compound repository and a high throughput robotics laboratory for enzymatic and biologic assays.
  • Flow Cytometry Core Analytic Laboratories for the characterization and separation of particles as diverse as beads, cells, and chromosomes.
  • Microscopy Facility for light and electron microscopy and electronic imaging using over 20 instruments.
  • Synthesis and Sequencing Center for protein and nucleic acid synthesis, sequencing and proteomics.
  • X-Ray Crystallography is fully equipped with several X-ray generators, detectors and protein purification and crystallization facilities.

Other Facilities