CBI students begin their thesis research after selecting an adviser in May of their first year at Johns Hopkins. Beginning in the spring semester of the third year, students meet annually with their Research Committee to discuss their PhD thesis research.

Although CBI faculty members come from many departments, CBI graduates will receive the PhD degree in chemical biology, regardless of the department in which their thesis adviser holds their primary appointment.

Research Committee

Once you have selected your thesis lab and have started your dissertation research, you will assemble a committee of three CBI preceptors (including your adviser) to act as your Research Committee. You will meet with your thesis committee once each year to discuss the progress that you have made and the goals of your PhD dissertation research. When you are nearing the completion of your degree, you will meet with your Research Committee no less than six months before defending your thesis.

CBI Research Topics

Research done in CBI labs spans a wide range of topics at the Chemistry-Biology Interface. Topics include:

  • Enzyme mechanisms, inhibitors, and metabolic pathways
  • Synthetic methods and medicinal chemistry
  • DNA replication, damage, and repair
  • Molecular probes for interrogating biological processes
  • Signal transduction and gene regulation
  • RNA and protein folding
  • Chemical tools for biotechnology
  • Synthetic modeling of metalloenzymes
  • Macromolecular structure determination by NMR and X-ray crystallography
  • Protein engineering.