Current Student Testimonials

Jamie Alley

Entered 2015
“I decided to pursue my PhD in this strong interdisciplinary program where I could conduct interesting research with a supportive yet challenging environment to develop into a well-rounded scientist.”

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Douglas Cohen

Entered 2012
“When I first met CBI students and faculty, the enthusiasm they shared for their research and collaborative projects was infectious. They made the CBI Program an easy choice for me.”

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Josh Monts

Entered 2016
“I was drawn to the interdisciplinary research and study of the CBI Program because I think the solutions to fundamental problems are not found within one discipline; instead, an interdisciplinary approach allows for multiple perspectives to unite under the common banner of scientific inquiry.”

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Brandon Peiffer

Entered 2014
“CBI supported the exploration of multiple disciplines during my graduate studies. This freedom allowed me to choose a career path tailored to my strengths and interests.”

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Ryan Porell

Entered 2014
“I love having the interdisciplinary foundation necessary to think critically about research spanning a range of scientific fields. I also love being able to design my own unique degree from the extensive list of optional courses covering multiple disciplines.”

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Antonieta Salguero Rivera

Entered 2015
"The structure of the CBI Program allowed me to pursue my own research interests while still being part of an interdisciplinary community."

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Felix Yu

Entered 2012
"The CBI program represents a rare opportunity for young scientists to explore and navigate across the rich research portfolio at Johns Hopkins. Most importantly, the program provides exceptional support and training to ensure optimal student development."

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