Alumni Testimonials

Breeana Anderson, PhD

  • Class of: 2015

“The CBI Program provides a multidisciplinary approach to science with a focus on chemistry and biology. In my current job, I am responsible for thinking about how both chemical and biological threats may impact our nation’s warfighters and evaluating a diverse set of chemical and biological analytical tools that may help accomplish that mission. Being comfortable in a setting with problem-solvers and decision-makers from a diversity of backgrounds is essential.”

Brian Chaikind, PhD

  • Class of: 2014

“CBI’s mix of faculty, students, and curriculum from multiple departments provided an amazing graduate education. I was immersed in work that enabled me to understand and conduct research at the intersection of cutting edge scientific disciplines. By teaching me how to work at the junction of different fields, this program prepared me an industry job that also combines research from many different fields.”

Sam Hong, PhD

  • Class of: 2016

“The excellent faculty and resources available through the Chemistry-Biology Interface Program provided a strong foundation for my career in drug development. Exposure to cutting edge research and the scientists at Hopkins has given me an informed perspective and strong network of peers and mentors.”

Adam Newman, PhD

  • Class of: 2016

“A career in biotechnology requires you to quickly adapt, take on new roles, and communicate with scientists from varied backgrounds. The CBI Program prepared me to easily meet these challenges through its interdisciplinary approach.”

Ryan J. Vierling, PhD

  • Class of: 2014

“My studies in the CBI Program were challenging but rewarding. The focus on interdisciplinary research and critical thinking helped to project me into a career I didn’t even know existed when I started my graduate school journey.”